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Updated 12 7 2014.
Abstraction is in itself a pure form of art, in as much as it does not have to rely on
outside influences for ideas as in the case with representational art. Familliarity
with materials and the artist's prefrences and skill is all that is required to make
abstract art.
First I make a painting then I give it a title, this is based on first impressions. What
ever comes to mind after the painting is declared finished, that is what the title will
be. However the title is all that it is, just a title. It has nothing to do with the content
of the painting.
You may notice that I prefer certain colours such as bright reds and oranges
mixed with greys and some browns with less intensity. Also I like to throw in some
pale pinks with low intensity dark greens to balance out some of the reds. I love to
add black by itself for some contrast. That's about it, hope you enjoy my paintings.
About Myself
Born and raised in Ipswich, Suffolk, in the UK. At age eleven I was
privileged to attend children's art classes at the Ipswich Art School.
In 1963 my wife and I arrived in Edmonton, Alberta , Canada. In 1977
I took a few basic art classes with the UofA extension program. I am
basically a self taught artist. For twelve years I was an instructor wth
Edmonton Continuing Education, teaching watercolor classes. At
present I paint in the acrylic medium. I like acrylic because it has a
very forgiving quality. Over the years I have been in numerous group
shows and the occasional featured artist show.
My philosophy in art is be different. Give your audience something
they have never seen before.
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